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Reminder: TracePro Online Training Sessions are Just Around the Corner

Navigating the complexities of optical design demands familiarity with advanced tools and a deep understanding of evolving techniques. Keeping this in mind, Lambda Research Corporation, a veteran with over three decades in software excellence, is bringing you a series of training sessions aimed at honing your skills with TracePro — an industry-renowned optical design software.


A Brief Overview of the Classes

TracePro 101 – Introduction to TracePro Scheduled for November 7-8, this session serves as your gateway to mastering TracePro. Learn the ins and outs of its user interface, modeling dynamics, and raytracing functionalities.


TracePro 102 – Beyond The Basics Building upon the foundations laid in the 101 class, this module, happening on November 14-15, takes you further, introducing you to advanced settings and specialized tools that will be pivotal in your TracePro journey.


TracePro 201 – Optimization Come December 5-6, immerse yourself in a course that delves into the theoretical underpinnings of optimization, providing a full overview of the interactive optimizer in TracePro, from crafting the geometry to defining optimization targets.


Why Attend?

These sessions are more than just a learning opportunity. They offer hands-on experiences with the support of practical examples guided by industry experts, fostering a rich learning environment. Moreover, attendees will receive digital course notes to facilitate a seamless learning journey.

Don't let this chance slip by. Elevate your optical design skills and arm yourself with the knowledge to tackle complex design challenges head-on.


We look forward to sharing deeper insights into each module in our subsequent blog posts. Take this step towards mastering TracePro, and empower yourself to foster innovation and excellence in your optical design endeavors.