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Lambda Research's intuitive software makes even the most complex optical design tasks look easy. With a free trial, you can experience this industry-leading technology for yourself.

  • Get full use of our software for 14 days
  • Analyze, simulate, and optimize optics, lighting, and illumination systems with an intuitive CAD interface and powerful interactive optimizers
  • Streamline product development and accelerate time-to-market
  • Model, simulate, analyze, and optimize your design efficiently
  • Create virtual prototypes with ease, then render in photorealistic clarity
  • Operate offline, with no internet access required
  • Trusted by some of the largest manufacturers, research institutions, and government agencies in the world
  • Please note that we do not provide free trials to students, but we do offer a complimentary version of OSLO EDU.

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Integrated Software Solutions to Meet Your Needs



An ideal solution for illumination design and optical analysis, TracePro provides an intuitive, customizable interface for all of your applications — and it works with RayViz and OSLO.



RayViz fully integrates with Solidworks for visualizing light rays and ray paths. It allows you to integrate properties from TracePro and use them directly in the familiar Solidworks platform.



A leading lens design tool that integrates with TracePro for more efficient ray tracing, analysis, and optimization methods, OSLO makes optical design and engineering easy.

A Smarter Solution for Smarter Work

Whether you simply need a new user interface, or you need the enhanced features that come with TracePro, RayViz, or OSLO, all of our software solutions easily integrate with one another to allow your processes to run more smoothly than ever before.


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