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Experience the Industry's Best Optical Design Software.

Lamba Research Corporation has the technology to help you transform your design and optical analysis. Whatever you need, our solutions have you covered. 

  • Exact ray tracing to simulate performance of models in real-time
  • Integrates with Solidworks
  • Perpetual license options
  • Technology developed in conjunction with NASA
  • Solid-based modeling vs. surface-based
  • Ongoing maintenance and support

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Integrated Software Solutions to Meet Your Needs



An ideal solution for illumination design and optical analysis, TracePro provides an intuitive, customizable interface for all of your applications — and it works with RayViz and OSLO.



RayViz fully integrates with Solidworks for visualizing light rays and ray paths. It allows you to integrate properties from TracePro and use them directly in the familiar Solidworks platform.



A leading lens design tool that integrates with TracePro for more efficient ray tracing, analysis, and optimization methods, OSLO makes optical design and engineering easy.

A Smarter Solution for Smarter Work

Whether you simply need a new user interface or you need the enhanced features that come with TracePro, RayViz, or OSLO, all of our software solutions easily integrate with one another to allow your processes to run more smoothly than ever before.


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