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Did You Know? Source Builder

Did you know Tracero features a Source Builder that allows users to create custom sources quickly and easily? Five options are available. In one option, the spectrum and beam pattern graphs in a light source datasheet, such as an LED datasheet, can be used to make a new, custom Surface Source Property. The beam pattern for this source can be uniform or asymmetric. IES files can be converted to File Sources and/or Surface Source Properties. Image Files can be converted to a File Source with the source at the pupil of the system. Rayfiles in non-TracePro formats can be converted to a TracePro format. In addition, point sources, rectangular sources, and circular sources can also be created. The Source Builder is available in all editions of TracePro.



Figure 1: TracePro Source Builder



Figure 2: Surface Source Property Beam Pattern



Figure 3: Surface Source Property Spectral Power Distribution



Figure 4: IES file loaded into Source Builder



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