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Did You Know? Solar Tracking

Did you know that the Solar Emulator in TracePro allows users to model the effect of sun tracking for solar collectors and concentrators. Five options are available: None, Aim to Sun, Uni-axial, Uni-axial & Aim to Sun, and A fixed focus with a reflector. The Aim to Sun option will rotate the collector to always face the sun. The Uni-axial option will rotate the collector around a fixed axis. The fixed focus with a reflector will rotate a reflector so that light always reflects from the reflector towards a fixed focal point, such as in a heliostat system. The Solar Emulator is available in all versions of TracePro.

Solar_Tracking,_Fig_1Figure 1: Solar Emulator System Setup


A Spectrum of Sun Tracking Options

TracePro's Solar Emulator presents five distinct sun-tracking options to cater to a variety of solar energy systems. These options include:

  1. None: For static systems without sun tracking.
  2. Aim to Sun: This option dynamically rotates the collector to maintain alignment with the sun's position, maximizing direct exposure throughout the day.
  3. Uni-axial: Ideal for systems requiring rotation around a single, fixed axis, this option balances simplicity with efficiency.
  4. Uni-axial & Aim to Sun: A combination that offers both uni-axial rotation and real-time alignment with the sun, ensuring optimal energy capture.
  5. Fixed Focus with a Reflector: Specifically designed for heliostat systems, this option rotates a reflector to consistently direct sunlight towards a fixed focal point.

Each tracking method offers unique advantages, allowing users to model and analyze the most suitable tracking mechanism for their specific project needs.


Solar_Tracking,_Fig_2Figure 2: Solar Emulator Results Viewer using Aim to Sun tracking


Enhancing Solar Collector Efficiency

The Solar Emulator's tracking options are vital for anyone aiming to maximize the efficiency of solar collectors and concentrators. Whether it's a small-scale project or a large solar farm, these tracking models provide invaluable insights into how different tracking mechanisms can impact overall energy yield.


Solar_Tracking,_Fig_3Figure 3: Solar Emulator Results Viewer showing heliostat system


Accessible to All TracePro Users

The best part? This functionality is available in all versions of TracePro, ensuring that every user, regardless of their software version, has access to these advanced sun tracking modeling capabilities.

The Solar Emulator in TracePro stands as a testament to Lambda Research Corporation's commitment to advancing solar energy technology. It empowers users to push the boundaries of solar efficiency and innovation.

Download the latest version of TracePro or start your free trial today and design efficient and accurate solar energy modeling with ease.


Solar_Tracking,_Fig_4Figure 4: Heliostat example in TracePro


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