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Did You Know? Solar Emulator

Efficiency and accuracy in modeling solar collectors are paramount. TracePro, a leading software in optical design, steps up to this challenge with its remarkable feature, the Solar Emulator. This tool is not just an addition to the software; it's a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts in the solar energy sector.

Harnessing the Sun’s Path

The Solar Emulator in TracePro allows users to define a specific location and time period, providing a detailed model of solar collector performance as the sun traverses the sky. This powerful feature enables precise simulation of how a solar collector will operate at different times of the day, across various seasons, and even over years. It’s an invaluable tool for predicting long-term performance and optimizing solar energy systems for maximum efficiency.



Solar Emulator Device Location settings

Modeling Beyond the Ordinary

TracePro’s emulator goes beyond standard simulations. It allows for the modeling of both direct and indirect sunlight, offering a comprehensive understanding of solar exposure under diverse weather conditions. This inclusivity in modeling ensures that solar collectors are designed to operate efficiently under real-world scenarios.

Sophisticated Sky Models and Solar Tracking

The software includes multiple sky models, each tailored to simulate different atmospheric conditions. This variety empowers users to test their designs against a wide range of environmental factors. Additionally, the Solar Emulator supports solar tracking modeling. Users can simulate and analyze the effectiveness of solar tracking mechanisms, an essential feature for maximizing solar energy collection.



Solar Emulator Results Viewer

Accessibility and Versatility

A standout feature of the Solar Emulator is its availability in all versions of TracePro. This accessibility ensures that every user, regardless of their version, can leverage this powerful tool to enhance their solar energy projects.

The Solar Emulator in TracePro isn't just a feature; it's a testament to the commitment of Lambda Research Corporation to advancing solar energy technology. By providing such an advanced tool, TracePro is helping shape a more efficient and sustainable future in solar energy.



Example results in TracePro


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