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Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) programs

These examples demonstrate how OSLO can communicate with other programs using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) DDE_Matlab_to_OSLO_Example DDE_Excel_to_OSLO_Example DDE_OSLO_to_TracePro_Example DDE_OSLO_to_Excel_Example

Interface Examples

The following examples are excellent step-by-step instructions to introduce you to OSLO’s interface and walk you through the steps necessary to learn how to use OSLO.   First OSLO Session Example. Schmidt Camera Example. Anamorph shows the use of...

Lens Demos

The link below is a zip file that contains OSLO *.len files that demonstrate the different features and capabilities of OSLO. (Please note that these same files are included in the installation of OSLO). OSLOLensDemos.zip

OSLO Macros

Compiled Command Language (*.ccl) and Star Command Program (*.scp) macro files that perform common tasks in OSLO. These files also serve as a learning tool and starting point for creating custom macros on your own. airtce.ccl delslv.ccl demo_tab_fresnel.ccl...