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Protecting your purchase

Thank you for your purchase of a license to use Lambda Research software. It's important to know that our software is free, anyone in the world can download an installer from our web site and install it on as many computers as they wish. What you have purchased from Lambda is a license to use the software.

The full value of your purchase is the license. Therefore, it is important to protect your purchase from loss or theft just as you would any other purchased capital asset. We recommend that your company carry insurance for your assets and list the license as one of these assets.

If your license is lost, destroyed, or stolen, you can purchase a new license from us, just as you would any other asset. If your license is stolen, we recommend filing a police report.

Protecting your USB license

You should keep your USB license in a safe place when you are not using it. Some thieves will steal a USB license thinking it is a flash drive. When they find that it is not usable, they discard it. If your USB license is lost or stolen, you must purchase a new license from Lambda Research.

Moving your USB license to a new computer.

This is simple! Unplug the USB license from the old computer, and plug it into the new computer. You must also install the software on the new computer.

Protecting your soft license

You should protect your soft license the same as you would any item of intellectual property on your computer by making regular backups of the hard drive. Your license may be lost or destroyed for any of numerous reasons, including a hard drive failure, reformatting the hard drive, Windows upgrade or re-install, etc. If the backup is restored to the same hard drive on the same computer, the license should work. If the backup is restored to a different hard drive or the same hard drive on a different computer, the license will become deactivated, and needs to be replaced.

Moving your software license to a new computer

If you need to move your software license to a new computer, contact us at to replace the license.