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OSLO Zoom and Multiconfiguration Systems

OSLO uses the term Zoom lens to refer to a system in which the thicknesses (spacings) between elements or element groups can have multiple values to achieve variable magnification. OSLO contains routines needed for optimization of zoom lenses. OSLO contains, in addition, routines for optimizing systems where practically any type of data can assume multiple values. Such systems are called multiconfiguration systems. Each configuration can be assigned a relative weight, activated/deactivated, be assigned different system data (evaluation mode, field points, ray set...). OSLO also includes skip surfaces for systems containing beam splitters and multiple beam paths.

Several features have been added to Rev. 6 to improve the power and usability of OSLO for zoom and multiconfiguration design:

  • Define image NA or image height as constants through configurations and let OSLO adjust object space setup
  • Configuration browsing toolbar, with graphic windows update switching
  • Zoom report graphics
  • Improved vignetting calculations and adjustments
  • New paraxial parameters, system data and aberration display by groups
  • Ellis Betensky zoom library

Multiconfiguration Variables

  • Curvatures
  • Thicknesses
  • Refractive indices
  • Aspheric and special data coefficients (tilts, decenters, GRINS, diffractive surfaces, etc.)
  • Apertures
  • Wavelengths
  • Ray aiming mode
  • Reference surfaces (stop, image, etc.)
  • Aperture and field of view
  • Skip surfaces in different configurations