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OSLO User Interface

OSLO is a windows application with a spreadsheet-based graphical user interface. Time-saving and convenience features in the OSLO interface include:
  • Right-click provides a list of currently available actions.
  • Dialog boxes can be generated automatically for CCL commands
  • User-defined toolbars, with up to 8 toolbars/window, each containing up to 50 buttons,
  • Status bar shows the current state of your system and is fully customizable.
  • Mouse wheel support for graphic sliders and zoom graphics helps you make the most of OSLO.
  • User-defined tiling re-positions all your windows with just one click.
  • Tip of the day box gives you hints on how to make better use of OSLO.

Data Input

  • Intuitive yet powerful data entry and command execution using Technology
  • Cut, copy, paste lens surfaces or ranges
  • Reverse, scale lens surface or range
  • Insert, delete lens surfaces
  • Merge one lens into another
  • Group surfaces into elements
  • See the data you are entering in real-time in the AutoDraw window.

Text Output

  • Two text windows
  • Full Internal Precision Output. OSLO's Spreadsheet BufferTM technology allows you to work with full precision data (pi = 3.1415926535898), while displaying only pi = 3.141593. This technology has many advantages:
    • Keeps output to reasonable size
    • Allows CCL to work with internal precision numbers, not just with the displayed precision
    • You can choose to copy the data to the clipboard in either displayed or full precision
  • Advanced text output selection. You can now make a selection in the text window by dragging the mouse. Selected text can be:
    • Copied to the clipboard
    • Highlighted in user-defined colors (text and background)
    • Saved as a text file
    • Printed

Graphical Output

  • Up to 32 Graphic Windows allowed
  • Easy zoom-in, zoom-out (mouse dragging)
  • Easy graphics window updating
  • Individual background color (white/black) switch for each window
  • Resizable (including portrait/landscape printing)
  • Clipboard support
  • Easy parameter recall


  • Easier to browse. Help has been totally converted to HTML format, making it easier to read and to search.
  • Easier access to help. Help is available from all dialog boxes, including CCL dialog boxes
  • More complete. CCL routines are integrated with the help system

 OSLO Brochure