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OSLO Standard Analysis

All graphic windows are resizable, zoomable and updatable. A recall parameters dialog box (to set field point(s), wavelength, scales...) and direct on-line help are easily accessible. Several graphical analysis routines formerly in the built-in library have now been supplied in CCL, making it easy to customize output for special requirements.

Standard Report Graphics

  • Ray analysis
  • Spot diagram analysis
  • Wavefront analysis with color scaling
  • Point spread function
  • Through-frequency transfer function
  • Through-focus transfer function

Spot Diagrams

  • User-selected grid size (unlimited)
  • Recipolar Spot Diagram
  • Independent YZ, XZ Gaussian apodization
  • Image centroid or chief ray reference point
  • Find best focus for spot size or wavefront
  • Equal image space ray increments

Wavefront Analysis

  • User-selected grid size (unlimited)
  • Wavefront statistics (peak-valley, RMS)
  • Pupil map or perspective plot of wavefront
  • Interferogram plot
  • Exact Strehl ratio including apodization
  • Zernike analysis of wavefront (36 terms)

Point or Line Spread Function

  • Single point calculation of PSF
  • Meridional or sagittal scan of PSF/LSF
  • Perspective plot of PSF
  • Amplitude, phase, intensity output
  • FFT or direct integration
  • Choice of Kirchhoff or Rayleigh-Sommerfeld integral
  • Vector diffraction calculation
  • DOE efficiency used in calculations
  • Contour plot of PSF in XY, YZ, or XZ plane

Energy Distribution

  • Geometrical encircled/ensquared energy
  • Diffraction encircled/ensquared energy
  • 1/e2 values for X and Y directions
  • FWHM values for X and Y directions
  • Geometrical knife-edge scan
  • Diffraction knife-edge scan

Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

  • Through-frequency or through-focus
  • DOE efficiency used in calculations
  • Choice of FFT or convolution calculation
  • MTF for square wave input
  • MTF vs. object height