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OSLO Source and Illumination Analysis

Point Sources

  • Astigmatic source
  • Telecentric source
  • Polarized source
  • Independent X and Y Gaussian pupil distributions

Sources for Image Analysis

All source models are provided with source code: you are welcome to modify them and model your own source. They also include a source files browser to easily access source information.
  • Advanced Source Generator (Lambertian, Arc or LED).
  • Extended Source allows you to view the image as a pixilated extended object.
  • Support for Radiant Imaging data files

Vignetting Analysis

  • Vignetting analysis and automatic setting of apertures. Computes the vignetting factors for each defined field point, in each configuration, and with the option to copy the results to the field point vignetting definition and adjust the default fan drawing options accordingly.
  • Beam footprint showing rays on a specified surface, and which rays will be obstructed by higher-numbered surfaces.