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OSLO Literature

The white papers and books shown below are written by OSLO users and are available through various organizations and specifically the SPIE Digital Library to both SPIE digital library subscribers and to non-subscribers for a paid fee. You can visit the SPIE library at and peruse this valuable library of optical papers. Many of the most pertinent papers to current OSLO users are shown below with links to help you find the papers that might interest you.

Designing astigmatism-corrected zoom lenses for digital consumer imaging, Richard N. Youngworth and Ellis I. Betensky Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 11106, Zoom Lenses VI, 111060A (2019);

Modeling decenter, wedge, and tilt errors in optical tolerance analysis and simulation, Richard N. Youngworth, Eric Herman, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 9195, 919502 (2014)

Conception et construction de télescopes et astrographes d’amateur
Charles Rydel
De Boeck (4 juin 2012)élescopes-astrographes-damateur/dp/2804168999

Secondary optical design for safety light curtains
Yu-Hsiang Hsu, Yi-Yung Chen, and Allen Jong-Woei Whang
Proc. SPIE 8278, 827805 (2012)

Distortion properties and correction abilities of axis-symmetric aspherical surfaces of arbitrary shape
Boian A. Hristov
Proc. SPIE 8167, 81670D (2011)

Mobile phone imaging module with extended depth of focus based on axial irradiance equalization phase coding
Hsin-Yueh Sung, Po-Chang Chen, Chuan-Chung Chang, Chir-Weei Chang, Sidney S. Yang, and Horng Chang
Proc. SPIE 7876, 787606 (2011)

Optomechanical design, analysis, and simulation of tunable liquid-filled lenses
A. Santiago-Alvarado, J. González-García, F. Itubide-Jiménez, M. Campos-García, E. A. López-López, S. Vázquez-Montiel, and B. I. G. Licona-Moran
Proc. SPIE 8011, 80111Q (2011)

Simulation of the focusing optics of a crossed Czerny-Turner spectrograph for prototypes adjustments
Ruben Sánchez, Guillermo Baldwin, and Rafael Coello
Proc. SPIE 8011, 80112E (2011)

Analysis of opto-mechanical performance of a tunable liquid lens
A. Santiago-Alvarado, S. Vázquez-Montiel, J. González-García, J. Muñoz-López, and Manuel Campos García
Proc. SPIE 7786, 778616 (2010)

Research on special type vertical illumination system of metalloscope
Ran Xiao, Ze-xin Xiao, and Jie Cao
Proc. SPIE 7849, 78491N (2010)

Simultaneous design of an optical system and null tests of the components: examples and results from the Large-aperture Synoptic Survey Telescope
Lynn G. Seppala
Proc. SPIE 7652, 76520I (2010)

Characterization of deformable elastic lenses using PDI and null screen
A. Santiago Alvarado, F. S. Granados Agustín, S. Vázquez Montiel,
M. Campos García, and R. Dìaz Uribe
Proc. SPIE 7389, 738935 (2009)

Design of wide field and high resolution video lens
Ze-xin Xiao, Binzhou Zhan, and Haimei Han
Proc. SPIE 7511, 75111L (2009)

Optical Engineering Fundamentals
Bruce Walker, Second Edition (SPIE Tutorial Text Vol. TT82) (2009)

Design of mobile phone lens with extended depth of field based on point-spread function focus invariance
Hsin-Yueh Sung, Sidney S. Yang, and Horng Chang
Proc. SPIE 7061, 706107 (2008)

Light collection system unit design via mathematical modeling approach
Allen J. Whang, Chen-Ming Yu, Jr., and Yi-Yung Chen
Proc. SPIE 6896, 68961B (2008) Download PDF

New Worlds Observer telescope and instrument optical design concepts
Joseph M. Howard, Charlie Noecker, Steve Kendrick, Steve Kilston, Bruce Woodgate, and Webster Cash
Proc. SPIE 7010, 70103X (2008)

Taking care of field curvature in visual optical instruments
Brian Blandford
Proc. SPIE 7100, 71000R (2008)

Verification of the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) wavefront sensing and control system
Adam R. Contos, D. Scott Acton, Allison A. Barto, Laura A. Burns, James Contreras, Bruce Dean, Erin Elliott, Lee Feinberg, Karl Hansen, Bruce Hardy, William Hayden, J. Scott Knight, Paul A. Lightsey, Carl Starr, and Joseph Sullivan
Proc. SPIE 7010, 70100S (2008)

Design of aspheric lens to collimate and uniform irradiance of a light source with Lambertian angular distribution
Chieh-Jen Cheng and Jyh-Long Chern
Proc. SPIE 6342, 63422F (2007)

Modern Optical Engineering
Warren Smith, SPIE Press (2007)

Optical modeling activities for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST): IV. Overview and introduction of MATLAB based toolkits used to interface with optical design software
Joseph M. Howard
Proc. SPIE 6668, 666804 (2007)

Optical design of a compact and anastigmatic telescope with three mirrors
Joel Herrera Vázquez and Sergio Vázquez y Montiel
Proc. SPIE 6342, 63422N (2006)

OPIC: a kit for rapid merit function construction for use with all versions of OSLO, including OSLO EDU
Brian Blandford
Proc. SPIE 5962, 59620G (2005)

Computationally efficient performance simulations for a thirty-meter telescope (TMT) point design
Anna Segurson and George Z. Angeli
Proc. SPIE 5497, 329 (2004)

Design and performance evaluation of reflection confocal microscopy using acousto-optical deflector and slit detector
SeugnWoo Lee, Dong-Kyun Kang, HongKi Yoo, Dae-Gab Gweon, Suk-Won Lee, and Kwang-Soo Kim
Proc. SPIE 5324, 235 (2004)

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