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Network License Server - Operating System Options

Recommended configuration

Install Lambda Network Key Server on the Network License Server. Lambda Network Key Server has two components:
  • CodeMeter license software
  • License Troubleshooter
While CodeMeter has a longer list of supported operating systems, the License Troubleshooter is designed to run within the TracePro, OSLO, and RayViz software, so that becomes the limiting factor for the supported Operating Systems of the License Server. The list of Supported Operating Systems for each software product changes routinely. Please see the link to the Installation Guide from the Current Release webpage for your product:

Alternate configuration 1:

Install Lambda Network Key Server on a computer running one of the Windows Server Operating Systems
  • this is not a supported operating system, but it may work, you are welcome to try it

Alternate configuration 2:

  • Install CodeMeter only on the Network License Server, running any OS supported by CodeMeter
  • connect the USB dongle to the server
  • move the USB dongle to a Windows computer with the License Troubleshooter installed to perform any license updates
  • Soft licenses are not portable, so this alternate configuration will not work