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Mastering OSLO: Focus your Optical Design Journey in 2023!

In optical design, professionals across the globe continually seek ways to refine their skills and stay ahead of the curve. To this end, the key often lies in mastering the tools that drive innovation in the industry. One such pivotal tool is OSLO, renowned for its comprehensive offerings and advanced capabilities.

With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, Lambda Research Corporation understands the nuances of optical design software and the critical role it plays in driving industry advancements. It's with this insight that we are thrilled to announce our specialized training sessions for OSLO, set for the concluding months of 2023.

The OSLO 101 session, slated for November 28 and 29, is a curated introduction for both new entrants and those seeking a refresher. It offers insights into the user-friendly interface of OSLO, covering the basics ranging from spreadsheets, windows, toolbars to deeper dives into file structures, functional flows, and command-line essentials. Further, participants will gain knowledge about preferences, operating conditions, and the foundational concepts of optical system definitions.

For those looking to delve deeper, OSLO 102 on December 5 and 6, is your gateway to advanced optical design nuances. This session promises a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of tolerancing, introducing varied methods and user-defined options. Participants will also be introduced to specialized surfaces in OSLO, including aspheres, freeforms, and splines, among others. The module then progresses to intermediate topics, shedding light on ray aiming, beam analysis, and vignetting factors. And for the tech-savvy, a segment on programming in OSLO ensures you're well-equipped with advanced command-line capabilities.

A hallmark of our training is the blend of theoretical knowledge coupled with hands-on exercises. This ensures participants are adept at not only grasping the conceptual aspects but also adeptly applying them in real-world scenarios. To further enrich the learning experience, all attendees will receive digital course notes, serving as a lasting reference.