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OSLO 24.1 Released!

Lambda Research Corporation proudly announces the release of OSLO 24.1 on March 15th, 2024. This latest version of Optics Software for Layout and Optimization (OSLO) has improved diffractive optics examples that import into TracePro, significant glass catalog updates, interface updates, and Help system improvements.

Support That's There When You Need It

Embarking on the journey to OSLO 24.1 is exciting, but we know you might have questions along the way. Whether you're looking for resources, tutorials, or just a friendly chat to clear up a query, our dedicated support team is here to light the way. You can also find lots of useful information in our Support section.


Dive Into the Details with Our Upcoming Webinar

Curious to see OSLO 24.1 in action? Check out or extensive set of videos on OSLO use and keep informed of additional content.


Ready for the Next Chapter in Optical Design?

Upgrade to OSLO 24.1 for our latest leading flexible optical design and engineering software updates to help you achieve your goals.