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Elevate Your Optical Design Journey with OSLO

The clock is ticking, and the much-anticipated OSLO training sessions are drawing closer. For professionals keen on expanding their horizons in the optical design landscape, these sessions offer a golden opportunity.

Lambda Research Corporation's OSLO 101 aims to lay a robust foundation. Whether you're new to the domain or simply want a refresher, this session is tailor-made to enrich your understanding.


For the seasoned experts eyeing advanced nuances, OSLO 102 is a deep dive into the world of sophisticated optical design. Spanning topics from tolerancing methods to ray aiming, this is where theoretical knowledge meets practical brilliance.


OSLO is more than just software; it's a catalyst for envisioning the future of optical design. This upcoming training transcends being a mere event – it's a transformative expedition, designed to empower, inform, and elevate. We are excited to offer this opportunity and to be navigating this path alongside you.