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Reminder: TracePro Online Training Sessions are Just Around the Corner

As we quickly approach the highly anticipated TracePro 101 and 102 training sessions, we want to take a moment to remind you of the invaluable opportunity laying just on the horizon. Lambda Research Corporation has curated a series of sessions that promise to deepen your understanding and proficiency with the TracePro toolset, setting a robust foundation for your future endeavors in optical design.

Don't Miss Out on TracePro 101: Your Initial Step to Mastery

Scheduled for November 7-8, this class is your starting point towards becoming proficient in TracePro. The session promises to equip you with a solid understanding of the user interface, insights into modeling, and knowledge on defining and applying various properties in TracePro.

TracePro 102: The Next Step in Your Learning Journey

Hot on the heels of 101, the 102 module on November 14-15 extends your learning journey. This session takes a deeper dive into the more advanced facets of TracePro, including creating custom properties and understanding user settings, setting a strong foundation for more advanced features and tools.

Seize the Opportunity

Lambda Research Corporation offers these sessions to facilitate a hands-on learning experience, characterized by a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application, under the guidance of seasoned experts in the field.

Secure Your Spot

With the training date fast approaching, now is the time to secure your spot. Equip yourself with knowledge and skills that promise to be a cornerstone in your career in optical design.