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Optical Design Software | TracePro
Award-winning opto-mechanical software for the design, analysis and optimization of optical and illumination systems

Optical Design Software | RayViz

Fast & accurate raytracing simulation within SOLIDWORKS® – introducing RayViz an affordable SOLIDWORKS® add-in for managing optical and mechanical design work.

OSLO | Optics Software For Layout and Optimization

The world’s most powerful and foremost imaging system design software used for determination of optimal size and shape of lenses and other optical components.

Optics and Illumination Software
TracePro® is used for the design, analysis and optimization of optical and illumination systems. With an intuitive CAD interface and powerful interactive optimizers, TracePro offers a powerful optical design environment with a short learning curve to accelerate product development. We also offer a University program for teaching purposes.

RayViz is a SOLIDWORKS® add-in that enables you to apply and save optical properties and trace rays directly in a SOLIDWORKS® model. With RayViz, a single model is used by both TracePro for ray tracing and optical analysis, and by SOLIDWORKS® for mechanical design and modifying optical properties to ensure data integrity.

Professional Optical Design Software
OSLO® is a powerful and affordable open-architecture optical design program featuring industry-leading advanced raytracing. OSLO provides optical designers and engineers a full suite of layout, optimization, and analysis routines to meet modern design requirements. OSLO EDU is a free version with a subset of capability, and is especially suited for teaching optical design at university level.

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JWST Latest Images

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TracePro 2022 released!

We are pleased to announce TracePro 2022  was released February 10th, 2022. TracePro 2022 further enhances the most powerful and sophisticated optical analysis and design software available today. TracePro streamlines the prototype-to-manufacturing process by...

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