We are proud to announce the latest update to our TracePro software, 2018.3. Available now!


What’s New in TracePro 2018.3


Changes in TracePro 2018.3 compared to 2018.2 are summarized as follows:


  • The Surface Property Generator has superseded the BSDF converter, as the Surface Property Generator can do
    everything the BSDF converter can do, and more.
  • Enhancements for True Color and Photorealistic Rendering plots: saturated pixels can be optionally displayed in
    a different color, and you can choose to display the normalized integer RGB values or the actual floating point RGB values.
  • 3D Interactive Optimizer: Allow Tilt X, Y, and Z to be used as variables for optimization.
  • Lighting Toolkit: Add lighting regulations for American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC).
    New scheme commands: (geometry:primitive-block) and (view:photo-realistic-render-close).


Find out more in the TracePro 2018.3 Update Guide.