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RayViz is a SOLIDWORKS® Add-In for visualizing light rays and ray paths.

Rayviz adds additional functionality to SOLIDWORKS by allowing you to do a simple raytrace to verify geometry, visualize rays traced from any surface, and check ray paths. Designers can significantly accelerate the development process without sacrificing performance or functionality by utilizing the easy-to-learn interface and minimal setup time in RayViz.

How RayViz Works:

  • Use SOLIDWORKS 2013 or later to create the parts and assemblies
  • Apply optical properties from the included property database
  • Run a raytrace to see the rays and the ray paths
  • Export the model as a TracePro® .OML file for full analysis in TracePro


Please note that RayViz is not a replacement for TracePro. RayViz complements TracePro and expands the capabilities of SOLIDWORKS by adding a database of optical properties and the ability to run raytraces directly in SOLIDWORKS. RayViz allows for the easy export of models to TracePro and the same model is used by both TracePro (for raytracing and optical analysis) and SOLIDWORKS (for mechanical design and applying optical properties) to ensure data integrity. The tools in TracePro can then be used for a full optical analysis of the model.