Dave Jacobsen, Senior Application Engineer for Lambda Research Corporation, will show Lambda Research Corporation’s suite of optical design and analysis tools, TracePro, RayViz, and OSLO can be used together to take an optical design problem from the initial concept to the final stages. The webinar will be followed by a question and answer session. In this webinar, David Jacobsen will show how OSLO, RayViz, and TracePro can be used in all phases of the optical design process.

Topics to be covered include:

• Designing and optimizing a lens in OSLO

• Exporting the lens from OSLO as a CAD file

• Using the lens model in RayViz for mechanical design and initial optical layout

• Combining the OSLO and RayViz models in TracePro

• Analyzing the complete design in TracePro

• Question and Answer session

Who should attend:

Optical designers and engineers who would like to learn how to use Lambda Research’s OSLO, RayViz, and TracePro products as an easy to use and powerful solution for start to finish optical designs.


Wednesday, May 20, 2020 – 10am EDT and 4pm EDT

About the Presenter

David Jacobsen

David Jacobsen

Dave Jacobsen is a Senior Applications Engineer at Lambda Research Corporation with over 30 years of optical engineering experience. Dave is Lambda Research Corporation’s primary sales engineer and teaches many TracePro training classes, both in the US and worldwide. Prior to coming to Lambda Research Corporation, Dave worked as a Principal Optical Engineer at PerkinElmer, formerly EG&G, working with xenon flashlamp based systems for illumination, machine vision, and process control, as well as designing spectroscopy systems for biomedical applications.