Quickstart Guide for 30-Day Trials of OSLO

Please be aware that your OSLO trial license is for the OSLO Premium Edition. Some of these capabilities may not be present if the Light or Standard edition is purchased.

STEP 1 - Send Locking Code to Lambda Research Corporation

STEP 2 - Receive e-mail from [email protected]

  • This e-mail is not automated, it will be sent once our staff has received
    and reviewed the 30-Day Trial form
  • The e-mail will include a Website Serial Number and a License file

STEP 3 - Website Registration

The software, documentation, examples, libraries, and tutorials are maintained in a secure area of the Lambda Research Corporation website. Users must use the Website Serial Number to register once, then use the Username and Password established at registration for future access to the secure pages of the website.

  • Go to the New User Registration webpage
  • Enter the information, including the Website Serial Number received
    in the e-mail from STEP 2
  • Make note of the Username and Password that you established
  • Click Submit

STEP 4 - Install the Software

The 30-Day-Trial License you have received will allow you to use OSLO:

  • Go to the Sign In webpage and sign in with the Username and Password
    established when you registered
  • Download and install the OSLO software (sign in required)

STEP 5 - Activate Trial License

  • Save the License Code (.lic file) from the e-mail from STEP 3
  • Launch the Field Exchange Utility from the Windows Start Menu / Programs / Utilities OR launch the copy of the utility that was saved from STEP 2 above
  • Choose the Software Key tab and select the New button
  • Use the Load license code to a file button to load the license code
  • Click Update License, a "Success" message should appear

STEP 6 - Launch the Software

The first time the software is launched, you will be prompted to enter License Information:

  • type "Standalone" in the license dialog