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Thank you for your interest in TracePro, our Illumination software designed to reduce prototyping costs.

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Megaman LED Par 16 Reflector


TracePro offers lighting designers the most accurate and comprehensive design environment available. Lighting system design often involves strict adherence to system performance criteria, including spatial and angular light output distribution, uniformity, intensity, and spectral characteristics, along with aesthetic factors, such as lit and unlit appearance. The result is a cost-effective design that is ready for manufacture.

Megaman LED Par 16 Reflector Megaman LED Par 16 Reflector

TracePro is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging opto-mechanical systems. Models are created by importing from a design or CAD program or by  directly creating the solid geometry in TracePro. Source rays propagate through the model with portions of the flux of each ray allocated for absorption, specular reflection and transmission, fluorescence, and scattering.

From the model, designers can analyze:

  • Light distributions in illumination and imaging systems
  • Lumens exiting, absorbing, and incident at the component and system levels
  • Candela distributions
  • Optical efficiency, luminance, and radiance metrics
  • Photorealistic rendering
  • Fluorescence effects of phosphors

TracePro offers lighting system designers the confidence that the 
simulated design will predict the performance and aesthetics of finished products 
without costly prototype iterations for a wide variety of technologies, such as:

  • LEDs
  • Lamps
  • Luminaires and louvers
  • Transportation signs and emergency lighting
  • Daylighting
  • Architectural lighting design
  • Display lighting
  • Consumer products
  • Automotive lighting
  • Avionics lighting
  • Medical lighting
  • Entertainment lighting