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Problems with non-uniformity, crosstalk, and low efficiency from your lightpipes?

Improve Lightpipe Output with TracePro.

TracePro opto-mechanical design software has a familiar CAD-like interface that gives consumer product and industrial designers the ability to quickly create, analyze, and optimize intricate lightpipes to obtain the best results for your application instead of costly trial-and-error prototyping with confidence.

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15 Finger Lightpipe with rays and 3D illum on target


Using TracePro designers can:

  • Model real scattering effects using full anisotropic properties and asymmetric BSDF
  • Import from five popular optical design programs
  • Fully model stray light from lens mounts, packaging, and thermal sources
  • Analyze multiple paths using nonsequential ray tracing algorithms
  • Track absorbed and incident flux on every surface and object using flux reports
  • Track flux in laser cavities
  • Export 3D flux data to third-party laser cavity design and analysis programs
  • Watch energy propagate through the laser cavity along any axis using the volume flux viewer
  • Analyze flux for absorbed, incident, originated, or exiting radiation
  • Analyze any material or bulk scatter sources for incident, originating, absorbed, and lost energy
  • Define multiple sources using asymmetric surface emission, including user-defined properties
  • Analyze birefringence in crystals, including splitting of rays into ordinary and extraordinary components
  • Track full polarization effects using Stokes vectors and Mueller matrices

Improve performance and accuracy of finished systems across a wide variety of technologies:

  • Illumination for machine vision
  • Design of laser cavities
  • Virtual prototyping of consumer electronic devices
  • Laboratory instruments and measuring devices