Lambda Research to Provide OSLO Training in Europe

Littleton, MA, USA – Lambda Research Corporation, a leading designer and publisher of illumination and optical design software, announces its Fall OSLO Training Courses, September 3 – 5, 2014, at the M2i Formation Training Center in Sophia-Antipolis, France. Two sessions are planned; the first two-day session is the standard OSLO introductory training and the second one-day session focuses on teaching advanced optical system design using OSLO. These sessions are intended to immerse the user into the OSLO experience and ensure maximum productivity in the software’s powerful optical design environment.

 TracePro®, our flagship product, is a powerful and sophisticated optical and illumination simulation and design software. TracePro streamlines the prototype to manufacturing process by combining an intuitive 3D CAD interface, advanced utilities, and seamless interoperability with other mechanical design programs. The latest release, TracePro v7.4.3, includes new features that build upon the existing 3D optimization capabilities, dramatically improving the ability to represent complex surface features in luminaire and reflector design, and adding an additional RepTile™ feature to automate the representation of literally hundreds of millions of polygonal objects on or in materials.

At IODC, the company will be offering live demonstrations of TracePro. Optical and design engineers attending the show are encouraged to bring their latest projects and experience a real-time demo using their designs.

OSLO® (Optics Software for Layout and Optimization), the world renowned lens design tool, will also be featured at the show. OSLO enables designers and researchers to determine the optimal sizes and shapes of the components in optical systems. In addition to classical lens design features, OSLO combines advanced ray tracing, analysis, and optimization methods with a high-speed macro language to solve a wide variety of new problems in optical design. OSLO has the capability of modeling a broad range of reflective, refractive, and diffractive components.

Show attendees can schedule a personal meeting to discuss their design projects or receive a hands-on demo of TracePro or OSLO by emailing [email protected]. For more information on what Lambda Research Corporation has to offer, visit their web site, or Ask an Optics Expert to have a technical representative assist you directly.