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Luminance & Radiance

A model is only as good as the data that goes into it. gonio’2π is a state-of-the art and versatile goniometer that offers precise measurement of light source and luminaire characteristics. Compared to other similar measurement systems, gonio’2π benefits from very robust construction, high precision in the mechanical setup, and zero backlash drives.

gonio’2π control software supports the scan of multiple arbitrary solid angle regions with specific angular resolutions for the measurements. The ray data obtained from the measurements can converted for use with TracePro using the luca’rayset software. gonio’2π is also ideal as a design validation tool to measure luminance and radiance characteristics of luminaires, light pipes, dials, masks, and other optical systems.

In addition to the source imaging (SI) configuration described above, gonio’2π is also available in a scatter measurement configuration (BSDF), or can be purchased with both SI and BSDF capabilities.