Candela Plots

A candela plot is a plot of luminous intensity, or flux per solid angle. In photometric units, a luminous intensity plot is in units of candelas, or lumens per steradian. In radiometric units, the corresponding quantity is called intensity, and has units of watt/steradian. Candela plots are commonly used in the design of illumination systems.

Several Candela Plots may be displayed from the raytrace data. Depending on your selections in the Candela Options dialog box, TracePro considers incident rays, exiting rays, or flux that misses all the model geometry during the raytrace as Candela data. The candela plots present flux versus angle and can be smoothed using the Candela Options dialog box. The iso-candela plots can be presented as false color maps or contour plots. The distribution plots are graphs of cross-sectional curves through the candela distribution.