Support Policy

There are two elements to the Lambda Research Support Policy:

  • Supported Software Releases
  • Maintenance and Support Subscription status

 The following software releases are supported:

  • TracePro 7.2 and later
  • OSLO 6.6 and later
  • RayViz for SolidWorks 7.2 and later

Services for Supported Software releases are dependent on the status of the Maintenance and Support subscription.


  • Note 1 - Services are available for any supported release from the date of purchase to the Maintenance and Support expiration
  • Note 2 - Lambda Research shall replace defective or obsolete USB keys.  If a USB key has been tampered in an attempt to alter or duplicate the license, it will not be replaced
  • Note 3 - Lambda Research shall replace Software Keys in cases of a change of HostID or a deactivated softkey with Sentinel Hardware USB Keys. Codemeter Software Keys (TracePro 7.5 and newer) will be replaced with Codemeter Software Keys.   Evidence that the old license has been removed or deactivated is required before the replacement license is issued.

Maintenance and Support Subscription


  Expired (Note 1)  

Updates / Latest Release
Download of Installer
Installation CD
Fee required, $50 USD
Credit Card Only plus shipping
Resend Current License
USB Key Replacement (Note 2)
Fee Required, $700 USD plus shipping, Credit Card Only
Softkey Replacement (Note 3)
Fee Required,
$700 USD plus shipping, Credit Card Only
 Technical Support
Installation and Licensing Support
 Installation Guide
Request features
Report Bugs
Submit questions - use of the software
User's Manual
Website access - Customer Support Center