Automotive Lighting

TracePro is used by automotive designers and contract manufacturers to integrate LEDs, HID lamps, and incandescent lighting into cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles. LED-based vehicle headlamps have become commonplace on luxury to economy vehicles. Light rays emitted from these high-power LEDs must undergo a detailed geometric analysis in order to prove optical efficiency for each component part.

Gearshift Lever

Interior use of LEDs has expanded from ambient lighting to dashboard and gauge clusters using lightpipes and light guides, utilizing gentle curves to steer light by Total Internal Reflection (TIR) combined with sharp edge corners that serve as mirrors. These hollow light tubes enable designers to utilize fewer LEDs for the same visual effect.

Tracepro has also been used to evaluate and design Head-Up Displays (HUDs), windshield systems, collision detection systems, rearview cameras and backup illumination systems.

TracePro is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in automotive interiors and LED headlamp clusters.
From a TracePro model, designers can analyze:

  • Illuminance of any interior or display lighting
  • Luminance and photorealistic renderings of cockpit illumination, dashboards, instrument panels and all manner of interior and exterior lighting
  • 3D illuminance on any optical/illumination geometry
  • Candela plots on roadway or on any surface in four different formats

TracePro helps automotive designers visualize the effect of their LED layout, design, and placement through the use of photorealistic rendering of 
interior and exterior uses, including the illumination of:

  • Instrument panels, consoles, and other controls
  • Door handles and window openers
  • Footwells and storage areas
  • Trunks/boots and truck beds
  • Headlamps and tail lights
  • Warning Lamps
  • HUD and windshield design
  • Navigation, stereo and informational displays