Aerospace & Defense

TracePro and OSLO are robust tools for designing and analyzing optical systems for aerospace and defense applications. Both have been used to design and analyze many notable NASA optical systems, including the James Webb Space Telescope, the Mars Rover cameras, and the Terrestrial Planet Finder Coronagraph.

Cassegrain Telescope

TracePro offers designers of military, aviation, and homeland defense systems an incredibly accurate and comprehensive design environment. The unique nature of these applications requires a tool with the versatility to simulate optical systems operating at wavelengths ranging from the extreme ultraviolet, through the visible and infrared, and out to millimeter waves.

TracePro is also used to design baffles for analyzing and suppressing stray light due to scattering, diffraction, ghost images, as well as self-emission of infrared and longer wavelength systems.

TracePro can simulate polarization effects, and many other aspects of optical system performance, including:

  • Stray light analysis and telescope baffle design
  • PST, PSNIT, and OAR
  • Ghost image analysis
  • Simulation of spectrometers and other multi-spectral systems
  • Simulation of polarization effects, including birefringence
  • Thermal effects and loading
  • Narcissus effects
  • Diffraction analysis