Current Release

RayViz 7.8.0 Released

1 October 2016

  • STEP 1 - Download and install RayViz
  • STEP 2 - Download and install on Network License Servers
  • STEP 3 -  Request RayViz License
    • launch the software and select the option to request a Trial License, USB Key, or Softkey.


  • License File for PC's without internet access
    • download LambdaLicenseUpdate to any PC
    • copy the file to the PC where RayViz is installed
    • double-click on the .exe to install the latest license file


  • Operating System - Windows Vista or 7 (64-bit)
  • SolidWorks - SW2011 or later
  • TracePro - TracePro .oml files saved from RayViz must be opened in an equal or later release of TracePro (e.g. files saved from RayViz 7.8.0 must be opened in TracePro 7.8.0 or later)